New Golf Swing Ebook Coming Soon...

My new Ebook Should be out later in 2018. Check back soon for updates.

How To Master Your Golf Swing Fundamentals

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: How to Set Up like a Tour Player

Chapter 2: Maintain Your Angles and Stay Level in the Swing

Chapter 3: Easy Ways to Stay "On Plane" and Have a Correct Swing Path

Chapter 4: Getting Your Swing in Sync - Includes the Weight Shift and How to Turn Correctly

Chapter 5: How the Wrists Work in the Swing

Chapter 6: Keys for Getting into a Solid Impact Position

Chapter 7: Staying "Connected" in the Swing

Chapter 8: How To Swing Smoothly and with Correct Tempo

Chapter 9: Common Faults and Fixes

Chapter 10: Mental Keys for Improving More Easily