Understanding the Pause at the Top of the Backswing

Pausing correctly at the top of the backswing is a very important element of a good golf swing. A correct pause will lead to better tempo which will allow your club to swing on a better path. 

It's important to have everything stop together at the top of the backswing. The club, hands, arms, and body should all stop at the same time at the top. Then, there should be just a brief second pause before you start your downswing. We don't want to stop the body but keep going with the hands and arms as this is one cause of having too long of a backswing.

If you stop everything together and stay in your posture correctly (another topic), then your backswing will automatically stop where it is supposed to. Don't ever try to stop your backswing at a certain point, instead let it stop where it should naturally.

The pause at the top is a little bit deliberate but not so long that you lose your momentum of the swing. It should be natural and have some flow to it. This pause also will help with generating more lag in the swing which is something all good players have.

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