About Sarah:

Sarah's background in golf started with the David Leadbetter Golf Academies  (Ranked the #1 golf schools in the world for many years). When she played high school and college golf, she worked on her game with Leadbetter instructors while they were in the Chicago area and also down in Florida. 

Sarah has played in a few professional tournaments including a 3rd place finish in the Illinois Women's Open. She has also studied the golf swing under many other top ranked instructors and tour players.  All of her experience of being around top coaches and players has helped her develop a teaching method that is focused on correct swing fundamentals.

Sarah has been teaching golf for over 10 years and has a successful golf school at Links and Tees, a top 50 practice range in America. From her experience of giving thousands of golf lessons, she has developed a simple and effective teaching method which helps golfers of all levels play their best.

Sarah's students make dramatic improvements because she helps them understand what they are doing. Some golf instructors can make the golf swing seem overcomplicated for the average golfer. Most people don't have all day to practice their golf swing so Sarah teaches an easy method that can have you improving at a faster rate and with less effort. She gives the same amount of attention to every student she teaches whether they are trying to break par or just starting out as a beginner. Sarah is excited when students of all levels are reaching their goals from beginner to scratch golfer.

Lessons are offered year round at the Links and Tees Driving Range, and there is an indoor golf dome where winter lessons are available. Our outdoor lighted driving range is open from 8am-10pm daily during the summer. For more information on Links and Tees, visit The Links and Tees Website.

Sarah has also authored 3 successful golf Ebooks, including The Golf Swing Genius' Guide To Swinging Like A Pro, The Golf Swing Genius' Guide To Driving Like A Pro, and The Putting Genius' Guide To Putting Like A Pro.

Sarah welcomes any communication and can be reached by calling 630-781-5622 or by email at golfgrl83@gmail.com. Contact Sarah today to find out more information or to schedule your lesson(s). 

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