A Balanced Golf Swing Will Help You Achieve Success

A balanced golf swing will allow you to play more consistently and hit better golf shots. When you have good technique with your golf swing, you'll tend to stay more balanced. Trying to stay more balanced can also eliminate or reduce a lot of potential swing flaws or faults you may be experiencing.

Tempo is a big component of having great balance. Swinging too fast can lead to coming out of your posture and losing your balance while swinging.

A good setup position and standing the correct distance away from the ball will also help with balance in the swing. If you are too close or too far away from the ball, that makes it easier to come out of the correct posture. Feeling like the upper body is over the lower body in the setup and you aren't going to fall forward or backward will help with maintaining good balance while swinging.

It's good practice to make your follow through and face your target. You should be able to hold your finish for several seconds after you've hit your golf shots. Transferring your weight correctly on your front foot will allow you come up on your back toe and face your target.

Balance is also achieved by turning correctly in the swing. Too much unnecessary movement such as swaying or lifting the golf club can lead to being off balance in your swing and cause problems and inconsistency.

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