Chicago Golf Lessons

If you're looking for Chicago golf lessons, you're in the right place.

LPGA Teaching Professional Sarah Pesavento

offers golf lessons at 2 convenient locations in the Western Surburbs of Chicago, Links and Tees Driving Range and the Oak Brook Golf Club.

Call or email Sarah today at 630-781-5622 or to set up your next golf lesson or series of lessons.

Golf lessons are a great way to improve your game and make your rounds of golf more enjoyable.  Chicago golf lessons are available with a top LGPA instructor and can really get you playing your best.  Sarah has a 100% success rate of improving golfers games and helping them reach their goals on the course. 

Golf Tip: 

Setting up for better drives.  The setup with the driver swing is important and slightly different with the irons. With your driver, you are hitting the ball slightly on the up swing.  With irons you are trying to hit down on the golf ball and allow the loft of the club to make it go up in the air.  Since the driver doesn't have much loft, de-lofting the club even more would make if very difficult to hit.  We want to use the loft and design of the club properly to get best results so you can play your best golf consistently.

It's important to play the golf ball all the way in the front of your golf stance, just in line with the left or front heel of your foot.  A slight tilt back with the upper body or spine will promote you hitting the ball more on the way up which will give you better trajectory with your drives. A slightly wider than shoulder width stance is ideal for hitting your driver.

Try to feel like you are sweeping the driver head through the impact zone and you'll feel a more effortless hit on the golf ball.  Keeping a touch more weight on your back or right foot is also helpful and bumping your hips slight towards your target is helpful as well. 

Good golf swing fundamentals can be applied to the driver in a similar way as with the irons as far as the swing path and golf swing plane.  The setup is half the battle with any golf swing.  Setting up correctly with your driver includes having a good athletic posture which includes a good knee flex and a good bend from the hips.  The arms should hang down extended and relaxed so that there is also a slight angle between the club and the forearms as you set up to the golf ball. 

Working on your golf swing setup with any club will allow you to make better and more consistent golf swing.  You'll be able to get the most out of your turn and generate more effortless clubhead speed during your swing. 

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