Chipping Tips:  
Hitting a Bump and Run Shot 

A bump and run chip shot is a good strategy to use when you have a lot of green to work with in between you and the hole.  You want to try and get the ball rolling to the hole quickly instead of hitting a high shot and trying to land it close to the hole. This will allow you to be more accurate and hit it closer to the hole more consistently.

It is a lot easier to control the golf ball when it is rolling on the green than when it is in the air. Chipping with this shot can be used with any short iron club from a wedge all the way to about a 7 or 8 iron.

When your ball is close to the green and you have to chip, pick a spot about 2 or 3 paces onto the green past the fringe where you want to land the golf ball. Then plan for the ball to release and roll all the way to the hole.

Short game shots may take a little bit of practice, but you will be able to learn and develop a feel for which club to use to match the distance of the shot or the distance between you and the pin.

A bump and run chip is the typical shot to play when there is a lot of green to work with and you don't need the ball to stop right away when it lands on the green. 

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