Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I take a lesson from you versus another pro?

My approach to teaching the golf swing is unique. I am very thorough and very focused on the fundamentals which is what really helps golfers improve and be consistent. I can't remember a lesson where the student wasn't happy with their progress. If you want a clear understanding of the things you need to work on to improve your game, I can definitely help you.

I've been teaching golf for 10 years and I've seen just about everything as far as different swing problems or flaws.  And if I haven't seen it before, I will be able to figure it out quickly and give you a clear picture on how to improve.  

Do you use video analysis in your lessons?

Yes, I use my iPad for filming swings. We can watch the videos back in slow motion and analyze and discuss the swing technique. This is very helpful especially for visual learners.

I'm looking to learn how to golf and I haven't played before, how many lessons will I need to take?

That can depend on your goals. I think a few lessons will get any beginner off to a great start where they can go to the course and be fairly comfortable with what they're doing.  The way I teach the swing is simple and makes sense, so it's easy to remember what you learn in the lessons and take it to the course.  Obviously, the more lessons, the greater the improvement.  I teach a very solid foundation so a new student can really get a lot out of just a few lessons.

Can you describe your teaching philosophy?

You can read more about my teaching philosophy at

Basically, I'm very focused on fundamentals and how to relate them to what you need with your swing and your game.  

I'm nervous about taking a lesson because I'm afraid I just won't be any good or able to do the things you suggest.  Do you ever get a student who is just really bad and can't do what you tell them?  

No, it's almost never an issue with the student's athletic ability.  I like to say if you can walk and chew gum at the same time, then you can do what I'm going to teach you.  I sometimes hear golfers say they took lessons from someone else but they couldn't do what the pro was telling them, and they thought it was because they just aren't good enough or athletic.  

One time I had a golfer who went to several different instructors in the Chicago area and was about to give up because no one could help him get the ball in the air.  I fixed his swing in one lesson and he kept improving more each time he saw me for a lesson after that.  

What is the structure of a typical lesson with you?

When I give a first lesson to a new student, we'll talk first briefly about their game, how long have they been playing and how often do they play, what are their goals, and what are they looking to get out of lessons? I also ask the student about typical shot patterns or any issues they are having that they specifically may want to improve.

Next, I like to watch them hit some balls with their 7 or 8 iron for a few mintues. This helps me see what is going on with their swing so I can develop a plan for improvement.  

Once I see what is going on, I will break down the issues I see in a simple and clear manner so you can understand what the problem(s) are and what to do to fix them.  I may give you drills or demonstrate the correct things that we want you to work on.  My goal is to make everything as clear and as understandable as possible so you can get better quickly and take your improvements to the course.

I'm a complete beginner and I don't know where to start, can you help me?  

I work with golfers of all levels and have taught lots of beginners who showed up to the first lesson not knowing which end of the club to hold. It's my job to explain what to do in an easy manner so you can understand and apply the information easily to fit your game. I really like working with beginners because they haven't developed any bad habits so they are going to learn the right way from the start.

I shoot in the 80s and want to get down into the 70s, can you help me get to the next level?  

Yes, I can help golfers of any level improve.  I will find out what is keeping you from getting to the next level and help you understand what you need to do to get better.  It may be a combination of fine tuning your swing and also working on short game and how to score better. 

I've been playing golf for a long time and I want to improve but I don't want to change my whole swing.  What can you do to help me?

I definitely will not change your whole swing.  My teaching style works great with any golfers' swing.  All I do is apply the necessary fundamental(s) that you need and help you blend that into the swing you already have.  This won't change your whole swing, it will only make it better.  

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