Golf Alignment Tips To Help You Hit Straighter Golf Shots

Having good golf alignment is a big key to helping you hit straighter golf shots. Misalignment is a common fault many amateur golfers make. Good alignment will allow you to swing your golf club on the correct swing path and minimize faults or bad habits you may have developed in your swing.

When setting up and aligning correctly, you should make sure your feet, hips, and shoulders are all parallel to your target line. It's also important to get your clubhead aligned facing directly at your target. One helpful alignment tip is go to a driving range and set a golf club or alignment stick down in between your feet and the golf ball. Make sure the alignment aid is parallel to your target line. Then set the clubhead down pointing towards your target. Next make sure your feet are both the same distance from the club laying down on the ground. If your left or right foot gets too far ahead, you'll be misaligning which will promote swinging the club off the correct swing path. You can then also hold another golf club across your shoulders and your hips to make sure they are both aligned parallel to your target line.

Out on the golf course, the best way to line up correctly when addressing a golf ball is to set the club down behind the ball first. Next you will adjust your feet and body to match the club head so everything is parallel left of your target line. Try to get in the habit of aligning correctly and you'll be able to start hitting better golf shots.

Picking an intermediate target while on the golf course is something that the pros all do to help them line up correctly. Standing behind your ball and looking down your target line will help you to line up correctly and pick an intermediate target a few feet in front of your ball that is on your target line. When you set up to the ball, simply align your clubhead towards your intermediate target. Then get your feet and body lined up so everything is going parallel left with your target line.

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