Downswing Sequence Drill

I came up with a drill within the last year that really seems to help golfers with improving their sequence and their weight shift especially in the downswing. To do the drill, simply make a backswing to the top of your practice swing and pause for a couple of seconds. You want to feel that your weight is on the inside part of your right foot. If you've shifted too far to the right, you'll feel the weight on the outside of your foot. On the other hand, if you haven't shifted enough, you'll feel the weight more towards your left foot.  

Next, swing your arms down to the point where your club is parallel with the ground and your hands are in line with your right leg. Pause for another couple of seconds here and still feel that your weight is on the inside of the right foot. Then, to finish the rest of the swing you want to move the arms and body together through impact and to the end of the follow through.

This downswing sequence drill should help you feel that you are shifting your weight correctly in the swing while staying in good sequence. We want everything to come through impact together and you should be shifting your weight as you hit the ball.  I hope these tips help your swing and help you hit more solid shots consistently.

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