A Correct Golf Downswing Transition Will Add More Power And Distance To Your Golf Shots

A big key to a powerful and consistent golf swing is having a good golf downswing transition. When giving lessons, I see many students starting their downswing incorrectly which results in errant golf shots and less consistency. The key to a good downswing transition is to let your arms swing down first from the top. Your arms have to swing down to catch up with the rest of your body so everything comes through impact together.

Many golfers will start the downswing with their shoulders opening up. This will lead to being open at impact and produce weak golf shots. At impact you want your shoulders to be square to your target line. By allowing your arms to swing down correctly from the top of the golf swing, you can keep your shoulders square when coming into to hit the golf ball.

It is important to swing down with your arms, but still maintain your wrist angle. The wrists should not be active at all in your downswing. Too much wrist action promotes an early release with the golf club.

A helpful way to think about the downswing transition is to keep your back facing your target a split second longer. This allows you to swing the golf club down more from the inside, or back down the same plane line you swung back on the backswing.

From the top of the swing, your legs should act as a stable base around which you can swing the club down and unwind through the golf ball correctly. Too much lower body movement from the top of the swing leads to getting ahead of the golf ball and getting off balance.

Make sure to maintain your body angles while you start your downswing. Too much body movement will throw your swing off path and you'll have to compensate in order to hit the golf ball.

A proper golf downswing transition will also be smooth and not rushed. There should be a slight pause at the top of the swing if you are transitioning correctly. This will occur naturally without much thought or effort if you have proper golf swing sequence.

If you get the start of your downswing in sync, you'll be able to come through impact in a much more powerful position and will hit longer and straighter golf shots.

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