Getting A Correct Golf Grip Is The First Step To A Good Setup Position

A good golf grip is the first fundamental in your golf swing setup. A proper grip and setup position will promote a swing that is more on the correct path and will reduce or eliminate many golf swing problems. A grip that is incorrect, too strong or too weak, will force you to make unnecessary compensations in order to hit your golf shots.

There are three basic ways you can hold a golf club. There is the overlap grip, the interlock grip, or a simple baseball grip. The overlap grip is the most popular and used by the most professional golfers. I recommend the overlap grip in most cases. The interlock grip is good for players who may not be as strong, some junior or lady golfers may prefer this type of grip because it adds the feeling of having a little more control or power.

With an overlap grip, (if you are right-handed), you'll set your right pinky finger just outside your left hand so it rests right on top and in between the index and middle finger of your left hand. With an interlocking grip, you'll open your hands and put the right pinky finger in between your left forefinger and middle finger.

The baseball grip is more comfortable for some people. I don't generally recommend it, although it can be good for some juniors golfers who aren't quite as strong yet. If you do use a baseball grip, just make sure your hands are together and touching and there is no space between them when they sit on the golf club.

To take your grip, simply open your left hand and place the club handle down along your fingers on an angle.

Then you'll wrap the hand around the grip. Make sure when you are looking down at your left hand, you are able to see your first too knuckles of your hand. If you can't see any knuckles, your grip is too weak and probably too much in your palm. If you see all your knuckles, your grip is too strong. Seeing one and a half to two knuckles means your left hand is correctly positioned on the golf club.

Next, simply place your right hand on so your cover up your left thumb. This right hand should also hold the grip in the fingers.

The key to a good golf grip is to always hold the golf club in your fingers. This allows you to create more club head speed in your golf swing. When you look down at your hands the two lines or Vs that form between your thumbs and index fingers should point up to somewhere in between your right shoulder and your chin. If these lines are pointing to your left shoulder, your grip is too weak. If the lines or Vs are pointing more right of your right shoulder, your grip is too strong.

The reason we want to hold the golf club in our fingers is to create good club head speed. Holding the club in your fingers will allow you to swing it easier. Your wrists will be able to set properly and you'll generate more club head speed and power in your golf swing. A good golf grip will definitely allow you to make better golf swings.

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