3 Keys for a Good Impact Postion

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A good backswing and downswing will lead to a good impact position but here I will break down 3 important keys of how you actually want to look at impact.  

The first thing you want to be aware of is where your club is. With the irons, it's very important that the club shaft is leaning towards the target. This will allow you to compress the golf ball and ensure that you are hitting down on it correctly.  The hands should be ahead of the golf ball at impact with the irons.  With the woods and driver, the hands will be more even with the golf ball.

The next key to a good impact position is to make sure that your center of gravity or your torso is in line with the golf ball.  You don't want to be ahead of the ball or behind it.  The club will naturally bottom out in the swing arc in line with where you center of gravity is, so this is an important key to a good impact position.  This tip can also help to eliminate fat or thin golf shots.

The last big key to a good impact position is to stay in your posture and maintain your angles or stay level as you are hitting the golf ball. We don't want to move up or down when trying to hit the ball at impact because this can lead to problems and not hitting the ball solidly.  It changes the path of the club too much and it won't be as easy to connect with the golf ball at impact.  Ideally, you want to be moving forward slightly at impact when hitting the ball.