Golf Setup Tips To Help
Your Swing

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Setting up correctly when addressing the golf ball is a huge key to success. Golfers with setup flaws will have to compensate in their golf swings or rely on timing which makes them less consistent.  And the best part is that anyone can set up correctly or just like a tour player because this isn't dependent on your athletic ability.

A good setup will consist of good athletic posture with the weight on the balls of the feet.  With your irons, shoulder width apart is a good rule of thumb for stance width.  With the woods and driver, slightly wider than shoulder width is how far apart you want to have your feet.

There are 3 important angles that should be present in the setup position. The first angle comes from the knee flex or knee bend, the second angle comes from the hip tilt forward and the third angle is between the club shaft and the golfer's forearms. All these angles are very important for making good golf swings.  

Once you've setup with good angles, then in your swing, you want to try and maintain these angles.  When we hit the ball while in proper angles with the body and the club, there is much more leverage and power that can be created and generated so you'll hit the ball more solidly and get more distance.

In the above video I demonstrate a couple simple drills that you can do to get into a good setup position.  This will help you to get the right amount of angles and tilt forward so you can make better golf swings.

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