Golf Shoulder Turn Tips For More Distance And Power

Having a good golf shoulder turn will really help your golf swing. The shoulders should turn 90 degrees in the golf backswing while the hips will half the distance, or 45 degrees. This allows your upper body to wind up or coil against the lower body which will create a lot of power that can then be used and transfer to the golf ball at impact.

A good way to think about winding up correct with your shoulder turn in the golf swing is to feel like you turn your back to the target. If you've completed your backswing, your back will face the target. Also, you want your weight to transfer to the inside part of your right foot on the backswing.

It's important to stay level in your golf swing. Once you are setup correctly, you can then simply swing the golf club and turn back. I don't like to see golfers stand up at all the in their backswings. You want to maintain your angles that were formed in the setup position.

The shoulders will simply turn perpendicular to your spine angle in the backswing and in the downswing. If the shoulders raise up or dip down, you've lost your setup angles and you'll have a harder time hitting the golf ball consistently.

Get a proper shoulder turn and you'll be on your way to having a solid and consistent golf swing.

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