A Wide Golf Swing Arc Can Increase Your Power And Distance

A wide golf swing arc will give you more extension and power. This is a big key all great drivers of the ball have in their swings. Good golf swing extension and a wide swing arc allows you to swing the golf club on a better swing path and leads to more power being available to transfer to the golf ball at impact. Your arms should be fully extended as you swing the club back on your golf swing takeaway. A slight wrist hinge will good to have in your backswing, however make sure the arms stay straight and don't fold at the elbows. One swing fault that reduces your swing arc is bending the right elbow as you start the first part of your backswing. As long as your arms stay extended correctly, you'll be able to create good swing width and a wide arc. One more important point is make sure the arms are not locked, rather just extended. You don't want too much tension or stiffeness in your arms as this will restrict your backswing.

The right elbow will naturally bend as you swing the club up high in the second half of the backswing. If you pause halfway into your backswing, you should feel that your hands are far away from your chest or body. This is a big key that will keep the width and swing arc wide in your backswing.

If you notice the tour pros on TV, they all have wide swing arcs. This is one of the ways they are able to build up a lot of power and momentum in their golf swing. A good arc will allow you to launch the golf ball far and straight up in the air and get the maximum amount of distance out of your golf swing.

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