Golf Swing Drills Can Help You Overcome Swing Faults And Get Back On Track

When instructing students, I often will use a variety of golf swing drills to help them improve their swing. Drills are helpful because they can promote the proper feeling associated with certain parts of the golf swing. A drill can force you to eliminate or reduce any possible errors you may have developed in your golf swing.

There are a handful of drills I will use or recommend depending on what swing problems or errant shot patterns a golfer may be experiencing.

If you are slicing the ball or opening up your upper body too early in the downswing, one common drill I use to fix this is pulling the right foot back in your setup and actually hitting golf balls while standing this way. Simply pull your left foot back about a half of foot width and make your normal golf swing.

This drill can help promote syncing up your upper body and your lower body properly and you'll be able to hit the golf ball with more power. Opening up the upper body too early in the downswing is a common error many golfers will make. If this happens, all the power that is left to hit the ball is from the arms and hands. You want to utilize the bigger muscles of your body in order to add power and more distance to your golf shots.

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