Improve Your Golf Swing Lag For More Solid, Consistent Golf Shots

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Golf swing lag is an important key to hitting your golf shots with more power and consistency. There are a couple of helpful tips I explain in my video above that will help you improve your lag and play better.

One important key to creating lag in your swing is to have a good wrist hinge or wrist set. This will allow an angle to form between your right forearm and your clubshaft. Then, you simply swing to the top of your backswing and maintain this angle.

From the start of the downswing, your goal now becomes to swing the club down with the grip handle leading. Maintaining your angle in the downswing is the essence of lag. Now you have a much greater force with which you can swing through the golf ball at impact.

Many golfers release their wrists too early in their downswing and this decreases their lag as well as their power. For more solid golf shots, maintain a good amount of lag in your golf swing. This will also help you to compress the golf ball especially with your iron shots so that you can send the ball flying far and straight towards your target.

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