Learn To Increase Golf Swing Power With These Key Fundamentals

Golf Swing Power Comes From Having Strong Fundamentals

Swinging on the correct swing path will give you more accuracy and distance. Good fundamentals consist of having a good setup position, good shoulder turn, proper transition from backswing to downswing, and a balanced follow through.

Staying balanced and swinging with good tempo will always contribute to more power. One big key is to remember to swing the golf club and not get into the bad habit of trying to steer or guide your shots too much. The natural swinging motion allows your swing to become more effortless and you'll be able to increase golf swing power. Combining good golf swing fundamentals with a naturally fluid swinging motion that isn't manipulated or forced in any way will give you a greater chance at increasing your distance and swing power.

A big key to increasing both power and distance is to have your golf club speeding up and accelerating the fastest when you are hitting the golf ball at impact. If you swing too fast or rush your backswing, it'll cause you to actually decelerate and lose power coming into the golf ball. A smooth backswing will promote the necessary swing tempo to lead to the greatest transfer of power at the impact position.

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