Fix Your Golf Swing Problems With These Simple Tips

Common golf swing problems can include a golf slice, a hook, or swinging from over the top on your downswing. Problems with the golf swing plane may results in a swing which is either too steep or too flat at the top of your backswing.

Fix Your Golf Slice

There are several reasons a golfer may be experiencing a slice. When the golf club swings too much from out to in with the swing path, a right to left sidespin is put on the golf ball thus leading to a golf slice shot. Opening up the upper body too early in the downswing can cause this problem. A good tip is to focus on keeping your shoulders square through impact. This will allow your golf club to swing on a more in to square to in path as it approaches and swings through the golf ball.

Reasons you may be slicing:

- having a grip that is too weak or held in the palms incorrectly
- having a club face that is too open either in the setup, the backswing, downswing, or at impact
- getting out of sequence with the turning elements of your swing on the backswing, downswing, or both
- unhinging or releasing the wrists too early in the downswing
- swing path or swing plane problems
- a swing plane that is too steep

The Golf Swing Hook

A golf swing hook is the opposite of a slice where the golf ball will travel from right to left after you've hit it. If the clubface closes too early through impact and the club swings too much to the left, the ball will move right to left too much. To fix your hook, you want to feel your golf club swing more towards your target just after impact instead of having it swing too far around your body. This will help you straighten out your golf ball flight and help you hit it straighter.

Reasons you may be hitting hooks:

- a closed clubface at impact
- over-rotating the hands and arms through impact
- hanging back on the back or right foot in the downswing and at impact
- swing path or swing plane that is not correct
- a swing plane that is too flat

Lessons with Sarah will include a complete swing analysis and diagnosis for whatever your particular swing problem(s) are, as well as a complete solution as to how to fix them. Drills, checkpoints, and easy explanations of swing mechanics will be addressed so every golfer can break their bad habits and play their best golf consistently.

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