Golf Swing Sequence Tips

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Having correct sequence in the golf swing will help you hit the ball longer and straighter. In a good backswing, the shoulders should turn up to about 90 degrees and the hips will turn approximately 45 degrees. Because of this 2 to 1 ratio of shoulders to hips, it is helpful to let the shoulders turn about halfway and then start the hip turn as you finish the second half of the backswing. 

In the first half of the backswing, the lower body and hips should stay relatively stable. You want the legs to act as a stable base to help with winding up and coiling correctly in the swing. To start the swing, move the hands, arms, and shoulders back together in one piece. Then continue moving the arms and turning the shoulders. Once you get to halfway back in your backswing, the shoulders should have turned about halfway. At this point, the hips will start to turn and then from there everything moves together to the top of the backswing and stops together.

To get your downswing sequence correct, it can be helpful to feel that the arms are swinging the club down as you initiate the downswing. Feel like your back stays facing your target and your body is stable the first half of the downswing. The hips will move a couple of inches the first half of the downswing, but the feeling is that the body stays stable. I don't recommend trying to drive the hips through impact. Rather, let the hips open up naturally through impact. 

We want to feel that the club, arms, and body all come through impact together. If you have a correct impact position, the hips will be open slightly but the shoulders should be square down your target line so your upper body is facing the ball. In the follow through, feel that everything continues moving together to the end of the swing. 

I hope these tips help your golf swing sequence so you can hit longer and straighter golf shots.

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