How To Avoid Getting Too Technical On The Golf Course

Is your golf swing too technical? In golf, there is a problem which can occur if a you get too concerned with the mechanics and technique of your golf swing. Over analysis can actually be a detriment to anyone's golf game. Here are some practical tips you may want to take into consideration when trying to work on improving your golf swing and your game.

Pick One Or Two Things To Work On At A Time

Sometimes, if a golfer takes lessons, they can get in trouble because they try and work on fixing too many things at once in their golf swing. Or, even if they're not taking lessons, they may be trying all kinds of different tips and suggestions that they hear about how the swing is supposed to work.  It's important to only work on one or maybe two things at a time....and try to work on them at the driving range, not out on the golf course.  

Build Positive Swing Habits On The Range So Things Will Be More Natural And Automatic On The Course

Sometimes in order to get better it is necessary to work on the technique of your swing.  But you want to do this mostly on the driving range and not while you're out playing on the course.  Once you've practiced the right things on the range, then it will become more automatic on the course so you don't have to think about it. 

Many teaching pros can get very technical and detail oriented when trying to work on their student's swings.  It's not that what they are teaching is wrong, but it can be hard to incorporate the information and build a golf swing that is going to be consistent and reliable out on the golf course.  

I like to focus on bigger fundamentals of the swing.  If you can understand and work on a few big and important concepts of the golf swing, then a lot of the little technical details will tend to fall into place.  Even the pros spend time working on their setup posture and tempo.  These are basics of the swing but if you get them right it will make a big difference in your game.  

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