How To Be Great With Every Club In Your Golf Bag

I recently read an article from a highly ranked golf pro who suggested that most golfers have one strength or area of their game that they are better at than the other areas.  For example, you're either better with your irons or your woods.  However, I don't think this has to be the case. You can be a great iron player and a great driver of the golf ball. Here I will explain a couple of tips on how to make your weakness just as good as the strong part of your game. 

Let's say you are a really good iron player but tend to struggle with your driver off the tee at times.  You knew if you hit your driver as well as you hit your irons, you'd be scoring a lot better.

In this case, you need to find what you are doing that is working with your irons that is different with your driver swing.  So, use what you do well with the strong part of your game to figure out how to apply that to the area that is a weakness.

I was always better at hitting my irons than my woods, but I recently figured out how to be equally great at both.

I thought about my iron swing and realized that my body stays really stable and I just rotate and turn in the backswing and downswing.  With my driver, I had a really slight sway that I didn't even realize.  I was probably doing this subconsciously to try and create a longer swing arc.  

But, you never want to move laterally independent of turning to shift your weight.  Just let the swing arc or width be longer because the club is longer, but don't try to extend farther because that can create an incorrect lateral movement.  

If you are better with your driver than the irons, figure out what is different with the iron swing that you aren't doing that you are doing with the driver that is working.  You could make a checklist of your fundamentals to try and find what is missing in the weak area of your game.

This may take a little time but it does work and it's great to be well rounded so you no longer have your "big miss" or weak area of your game as some pros refer to it as.

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