More Golf Weight Shift Tips For Better Golf Shots

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The golf weight shift is really important to get correct so I’ve added some more tips on how to do this golf swing fundamental correctly in your swing. Basically in my last golf weight shift video, I talked about how you want to be moving back on the backswing and forward on your downswing and follow through. This might sound like pure common sense, however, you would be surprised at all the golfers I see who don’t do this. They often are doing the opposite to some degree where their body is moving forward on the backswing which is called a reverse pivot. Then they have no where to move but back on the downswing and follow through.

The key to a good weight shift is to get behind the golf ball slightly as you are winding up in your backswing. Then, you have some power to move forward as you hit through the ball as you hit at impact and continue moving forward into your follow through.

A good golf weight shift allows you to build up power as you wind up in your backswing. Then, if you are moving your weight forward properly, you are able to generate a lot of power at impact with the golf ball. It’s important to keep moving forward after impact and into your follow through so that your weight shifts completely onto your left or front foot as you come up on your right toe.

It’s also really important that you have a good weight shift but that it is in sync and you have good timing along with that. The biggest key is at impact, you want to have your center or torso in line with the golf ball as you are moving forward. If you don’t shift your weight fast enough or shift your weight too fast, your center will not be in line with the golf ball.

Get your weight shift and your golf swing in sync for better contact and more power and distance. 

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