Tips On Shifting Your Weight
Correctly In The Golf Swing

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Your golf weight shift is an important part of the golf swing and a key fundamental. In your backswing, we want to move slightly behind the golf ball as we swing, turn, and shift our weight to the inside part of our back foot.

Many amatuer or high handicap golfers often have problems with their weight shift and either move too far laterally in their backswings or they move the opposite direction and have what is called a reverse pivot.

Basically, we want the body to move slightly behind the golf ball on the backswing and then on the downswing, you will start moving forward as you continue your follow through and finish your swing.

Golfers who make a reverse pivot move have their weight shifting forward on their backswing and end up moving back on their downswing and follow through. This is not what we want to have happen.

If you were going to throw a ball, you wouldn't move forward and then move back as you threw it, right? You would step into the throw and be moving forward as you let go of the ball and sent it moving towards your target. The same simple concept can be applied to the golf swing. To get power and develop more consistency and control, we move slightly behind the golf ball as we wind up in our backswing, then we move forward as we are hitting the golf ball and continue shifiting our weight into our follow through position.

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