Hit Longer Drives: Three Keys For More Distance On The Golf Course

Most golfers want to hit longer drives and gain more distance off the tee. A golf swing with solid fundamentals will allow you to naturally hit the golf ball farther. There are a few helpful keys you can focus on in your golf swing which will allow you to increase your distance.

First of all in your setup, it is very important to start out having good angles. You should have a good knee flex and a nice bend from the hips. Your hands will sit a little bit lower in the setup so there is an angle between your forearms and the club shaft when you are addressing or setting up to the ball. A good setup will allow you to swing the club more on plane which will lead to more distance. You are forming power angles in your setup and when you maintain them properly in your golf swing, you'll be able to add quite a bit of distance.

Complete your shoulder turn to a full 90 degrees in your backswing. This will allow you to swing the golf club over your right shoulder and also maintain your angles. You will then be in a powerful position at the top of the backswing to swing down and hit the golf ball farther.

Another important key to hitting longer drives is your swing speed. In order to hit the ball far you need to be swinging fastest at the point of impact. Too many times, golfers will make the mistake of rushing their backswings, making it too fast. From there it is forced to slow down coming into the golf ball when it should be ideally speeding up at this point. A correctly timed golf backswing will be three times as long as your downswing. Another common mistake is trying to swing too hard from the top of your backswing. Trying to hit the ball too hard will lead to inaccuracy and less consistency. Make sure to have a smooth transition from backswing to downswing and allow the swing speed to increase as you are nearing the impact position. This will greatly increase your chances of hitting it straighter.

The third key to more distance is to create some "lag" in your swing. You'll do this by hinging your wrists in the backswing which allows you to build up "leverage". The hands should lead slightly as you come into your impact position with the golf ball. This is a big key to solid contact and will also increase your distance. Without solidly striking the golf ball, it is hard to get the distance you are looking for. Good golf swing fundamentals will lead to more distance and accuracy as well.

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