Important keys for More Distance with Your Golf Shots

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Just about everyone who plays golf wants to know how to hit the ball farther.  So, here I will go over the important keys in the golf swing that can help you add more distance to your golf shots.

Creating leverage in the swing is important.  This is done mainly by having a good wrist hinge or wrist set.  Then, you create lag in your swing by maintaining the angle from the wrist set as long as possible. A big distance killer is to release the club too early on the downswing or lose the angle between the club shaft and your right forearm.  

It's also important to maintain proper posture during the swing and especially through impact.  If we are in a correct athletic posture with good angles, this will allow us to get our bigger muscles into shot as we are hitting the golf ball.  Golfers who stand up before or as they are hitting the ball, lose their angles and have to hit it with mainly their hands and arms which won't produce much power or distance.

Winding up correctly with a good turn in the golf swing will add to more distance.  In the backswing, the upper body needs to turn or coil against the lower body. This creates resistance and potential power which can then be transferred to the golf ball at impact.

Getting stronger by working out and lifting weights targeting specific golf muscles will also add distance to your shots.  Most pro golfers spend time working on getting stronger in the gym because it adds distance and also accuracy to their golf shots. 

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