Tips For A One-Piece Takeaway To Start The Backswing

Starting the backswing correctly is really important for making good golf swings.  An incorrect takeaway will almost always lead to other problems and/or compensations in the rest of the swing. Many golf instructors refer to the first part of the backswing as a one piece takeaway.

This simply means that the hands, arms, shoulders and the club are all moving back together or in one piece.  There isn't separation between the hands and shoulders or the club.  This one piece motion is really important because it helps keep everything connected and in proper sequence right from the start of the backswing.  

The lower body should stay stable and not be moving in the takeaway.  You want to maintain your posture and your angles with your hip bend and knee flex without moving the lower half.  Once you've swung the club up to about halfway into your backswing, that's when the hips can start to turn.  This one piece takeaway also helps with feeling like you are winding up or coiling the upper body against the lower body which is going to lead to power and distance with your golf shots.

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