Staying Connected In The
Golf Swing

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Staying connected in the golf swing is important.  But what does that actually mean?  Lots of golf instructors talk about this important concept so here is a simple description of what staying connected in the swing means and how to do it correctly.

When you swing the golf club, there is a certain relationship among the hands, arms, upper and lower body.  When starting the swing out in the takeaway, the first part of the backswing, you want to stay connected with the hands, arms, and shoulders all moving together in one piece.  

As you get closer to halfway back in your backswing, the shoulders will turn more as the club and arms also continue moving up.  At about the halfway back point in the backswing is when the hips should start turning and then from there everything moves together to the top of the backswing.

Everything should also stop together at the top of the golf swing.  You don't want to stop the body turn, but continue to lift or move the arms up. And vice versa, you don't want to stop the arms but keep turning the body only.  It's very important that things work together and this is basically what is also meant by staying connected in the swing.  

A golfer who is not connected will often have separation with their arms and body in the golf swing, where one has stopped while the other keeps moving.  

In the beginning of the backswing, there is a little separation because the hips and lower body should not start to move until the halfway back point of the backswing.  

There is also a little separation the first half of the downswing, or that's what you want to feel is happening.  The body should stay stable as you swing the arms down.  Then halfway into the downswing everything moves together as you swing through the ball.  From that point, everything should move together until the end of the follow through.

It's also a good habit to have everything stop moving together at the end of your follow through.  Even though you've already hit the ball, the backswing and follow through will tend to mirror each other, so working on the follow through can actually help improve your backswing.