How to "swing the golf club" and not guide, lift, or steer it.

This simple tip can really help a lot of different swing problems.  The golf swing is called a swing not a golf lift or a golf steer.  Yet many amateur golfers are making these mistakes instead of letting their club swing.  

We want to move the golf club on a proper and correct swing path and swing plane.  But, if you lift the club or try and guide or steer it too much, it is easy to get off the correct swing plane.  

So, the remedy is to make sure you are "swinging" the club.  There is a difference and if you think about it logically it should make sense.  In the above video, I show the difference between swinging the club and lifting or steering it. 

It helps a golfer's tempo if they can allow their golf club to swing freely. Golfers who get too fast are often times trying to control the club too much and steer it.  Even swinging too slowly can cause someone to steer the golf club.  

I commonly see this problem with golfers who are getting really technical about their golf swing and/or trying to work on mechanics too much.  

It's good to work on technique if necessary but it's important to blend those technical moves into a fluid golf swing.  That's a big key that I try to convey to my students.  It's a balance of getting proper technique but also allowing feel to work and swing the club instead of trying to put the club in the right positions.  Try to focus on swinging the club into the right positions instead lifting, guiding, or steering it to get there.