How To Stop Your Golf Backswing in Perfect Position Every Time

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Many golfers worry about where they are stopping their backswing.  A lot of students have asked me, how do I know where to stop the backswing? Or they may be concerned about their backswing being too long or too short.  

There are a few easy tips you can apply to your golf swing so that you automatically stop your club in the right place on every swing.  The two main keys to doing this correctly are to stay in your posture or maintain your angles and also stay connected in the swing. 

Staying in your angles simply means that you are maintaining your angles from your setup position.  At the top of your backswing, your right knee should be flexed the same amount it was in the setup position.  The hip angle between your right leg and torso should also be the same.  A lot of golfers whose backswings are too long are also straightening their right leg during the backswing.

Staying connected just means that the arms, body, and club all stop together at the top of the backswing. You don't want to have the body or shoulders stop turning but continue lifting your arms independent of the body turn.  Staying connected in the backswing could also be referred to as being "in sync" with your swing.  

A good position at the top of the backswing is one of the most important components that will lead to a great downswing and better golf shots.  

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