Golf Backswing Tips For Improving Your Golf Swing Technique

Improve Your Golf Backswing With These Tips Chicago golf lessons and Instruction
A good backswing consists of a proper golf swing takeaway, full shoulder turn, and getting into a good position at the top of the swing.

The takeaway is a one piece motion with the hands, arms, and shoulders all working together and taking the golf club back. In an ideal backswing, the shoulders will turn about 90 degrees and the hips will only turn half that distance, or 45 degrees. It's important to have approximately a 2 to 1 ratio of shoulder turn to hip turn. This is why it's important to start your shoulder turn first before the hips, that will help you to wind up and coil and create power in your swing. Your lower body should stay stable during the first half of the backswing. This will allow your shoulders to turn halfway and you'll wind up or coil your upper body against your lower body. This leads to a better golf swing sequence as well as more power.

Maintaining good golf swing tempo is also really important in the backswing. Taking the club back smoothly helps to start the swing tempo out right. Rushing the backswing can lead to problems on the downswing. Good tempo in the golf swing will also allow you to stay more balanced and swing the club on the proper path.

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