Golf Swing Technique Tips For
Playing Better Golf

Building good golf swing technique will help you become a better golfer. It's important to understand how the parts of the golf swing work but then also be able to put it all together into one complete and fluid motion.

I'll explain some key parts to the golf swing where having good technique is helpful. It's important to start your golf swing out right with a correct Golf Swing Takeaway. The takeaway is the first part of the swing where you'll start the club back. You want to have the hands, arms, and shoulders all work together in a one-piece motion as you swing the golf club back.

The Golf Swing Shoulder Turn in the swing will be approximately 90 degrees. The hips should turn half that distance or about 45 degrees. The most important thing is that that the shoulders turn twice as far as the hips and there's a 2 to 1 ratio. This allows a golfer to coil their upper body or torso against their lower body which leads to power and accuracy in the swing.

One common mistake I see many golfers make is turning the hips and shoulders together at once in the backswing. You want to keep the lower body quiet and stable during the first part of your backswing. Once the shoulders have turned half way then it is okay to allow the hips to turn the rest of the way in the backswing with the shoulders. This is a big part of good swing sequence.

Another key to a great swing is to have a good Golf Weight Shift. Your weight shift helps you build up power and hit the ball with better contact and also have more consistency. This may sound like common sense, but it's important to move back on the backswing or behind the golf ball slightly. Then on the downswing and follow through you want to be moving forward. Golfers who don't make a proper weight shift often have what is called a reverse pivot in their swing. A reverse pivot is when the weight shifts forward on the backswing and back on the downswing/follow through. Get even more Golf Weight Shift Tips Here.

Having a correct Golf Downswing Transition can really lead to great golf. Many golfers get confused on what should actually start the downswing. Syncing up the parts of the body correctly will lead to being able to generate more power at impact as you are hitting through the golf ball.

Higher level golfers know how important a good transition is, it's what helps you build momentum and power and also leads to the club staying on a good swing path on the downswing and at impact.

Your Golf Swing Impact Position is important to get correct. When everything comes through impact together, it is easier to swing your club straight down your target line towards the target. Avoid common faults such as standing up or coming out of your shot.

The Golf Swing Follow Through is the last part of the golf swing. This is where your weight should be shifted correctly and you are staying balanced in your golf swing. You should be facing your target and your weight will be transfer almost completely to your front foot. Maintaining good golf swing balance in your follow through will promote a better golf swing overall.

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