Golf Swing Impact Position Tips For Hitting Consistent Golf Shots

A correct golf swing impact position is an important part of having good golf swing technique. The key at impact is to leverage your power and have your body, arms, and club all come through the ball together. You also want to have your center of gravity in line with the ball and be facing the ball with your upper body. The shoulders should be square down your target line.

Some common mistakes at impact include coming up or out of your shot. Opening the upper body too early towards your target is another error that can lead to a weak impact position and errant golf shots and contribute to a slice ball flight.

Also at impact, the hands should be slightly ahead of the ball with the irons. The hips are slightly turned open but the shoulders remain square to the target line. Keeping your shoulders square at impact will allow you to swing your golf club down and through the target line more easily. This will help lead to a more powerful and effortless golf swing that you can repeat consistently.

Staying in your posture and your angles that you started out with in the setup position will help you compress the ball better and also keep your swing on a good path. Too much movement out of position with your posture changes the swing path and it's harder to hit good golf shots consistently. Try to keep impact simple and stay the same height as you swing through the ball.

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