Golf Swing Follow Through Tips

A good backswing and downswing will naturally lead to a correct follow through. As you swing through the golf ball and down your target line your weight will transfer to your front foot and your body will come up and face your target.

If you have made a nice smooth and balanced golf swing, you should be able to hold your follow through position and remain balanced on your front foot and your right toe. You want to stay down through the impact area when you are hitting the ball and then allow your body to come up and finish completing your turn towards the target. A Balanced Golf Swing will help you achieve the correct follow through in your swing. A golfer who is off balance will have a hard time getting into the correct follow through position.

The golf ball will typically go in the direction where you are facing at the end of the follow through. If you've finished your swing and are facing right or left of your target, that's probably where you it went. Swinging in balance and finishing your golf swing correctly will help your golf swing become better and more consistent.

Working on your follow through can improve the rest of your golf swing. The follow through and the backswing will mirror or match each other in a lot of ways. Swinging your club towards the target and then over your left shoulder will help you swing path and lead to straighter golf shots.

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