Learn A Correct Golf Downswing Transition And Hit Better Golf Shots More Consistently

"I watched your video on the initiation of the downswing. Your 'tips' were most useful; in fact, the most useful that I have found. Your explanation of the initiation of arms made a significant difference to my 'striking' of the ball. I have just started playing again at 65 after 20 years of not playing; I never knew what I was doing 20 years ago. Your 'tips' have lengthened and straightened my shots, on both irons and drivers. Your 'tips' were clearly presented, in a seemingly informal way, as no other video has achieved."

Bryan Henderson

The golf downswing transition is a critical part of the golf swing. Getting your transition correct will really promote much better golf shots and will allow you to swing your club on the proper swing path.

Many golf swing errors can occur from an improper transition. Rushing the start of the downswing can lead to things becoming out of sync and hitting errant golf shots.

At the top of your backswing, your back should be facing your target if you have completed your shoulder turn correctly. Your back should stay facing your target for just a second as you begin your downswing. This will allow the golf club to swing down properly on the correct swing path as you approach the golf ball at impact.

Starting the downswing by opening up the upper body too early will lead to an over the top swing as well as an out to in swing path. This can lead to either a slices or pulled golf shots. At impact, the shoulders should be square to your target line so it's important that they don't open up too early from the start of the downswing.

Good tempo is very important in your golf swing transition. Make sure you finish your backswing before you start your downswing. Many golfers will rush from the top of the swing with their bodies opening up too early which leads to the club getting stuck behind them on the way down.

From the top of the swing, feel the club swing down with your arms. This is the best way to stay on the proper swing plane and hit better golf shots. Also, you want to stay level in your swing and this includes the downswing transition. Try to avoid any dipping or lunging as you move from your backswing to downswing.

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