A Correct Golf Swing Takeaway Leads To A Good Backswing

The first part of the backswing is your golf swing takeaway. To start the swing, you want to swing the club back in a one-piece motion as your hands, arms, and shoulders will work together. If you visualize a triangle in your setup with the arms and shoulders, you'll simple maintain this triangle during the first part of your swing. A slight wrist hinge will occur as you swing the club back. Also, you don't want much lower body movement in the first part of the swing. Your lower body needs to be a stable base you turn and coil around for the first half of your backswing.

A good takeaway and backswing will start On The Correct Swing Plane. Feeling like you swing the club straight back will help your swing path. Swinging too inside or too much around your body or too much out away from your body will get the club moving off the correct swing plane.

The takeaway is important to get correct because it will lead to correct swing sequence throughout the rest of your golf swing.

The takeaway shouldn't really have any lower body movement. It's a simple motion of swinging the club together as your shoulders turn back and you're beginning to rotate the upper body over your lower body. This will allow your body to wind up in the backswing and help to build up power with your swing.

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