Easy Tips for Straighter Golf Shots

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If you want to hit straighter golf shots, there are some simple tips that can help.  Without breaking down your entire golf swing, check these keys and watch your shot patterns straighten out.

The first key that's important for hitting the ball straight is to swing your golf club head towards your target just after impact.  Golfers who swing their club to the right or left of their targets will often find that their golf ball travels in that same direction.  Whether you have an in to out or out to in swing path, focusing on swinging towards the target will help to correct either of these problems.

The second tip for straighter shots is to get your club face pointed square or straight towards your target when you are hitting the golf ball. There are more details in the golf swing that will help allow you to do this correctly, but this can often be a simple correction.  If your club face is pointed right or left, that is probably the direction your golf ball will end up going.

Thirdly, where your body or torso is pointed or facing in the end of your follow through will tend to match the direction your golf ball travels. Golfers who hit shots to the right may find they are also not following through all the way because their body is pointed or facing to the right after they've made their golf swing.  

Another suggestion for hitting the ball straighter is to focus on having good golf swing sequence.  It's important to have the club stay in front of your body or your torso when swinging in the backswing, downswing, and follow through. 

Getting the shoulders and hips turning correctly and at the right time will also help your swing sequence which will lead to straighter golf shots.

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