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This Ebook Will Help You To:

----> Lower Your Scores By 5, 10, or Even More Shots Per Round

----> Eliminate 3 Putts And Learn How To Lag Putt Perfectly So You're Guaranteed A 2 Putt At The Most On Every Green

----> Have A Consistent Path With Your Stroke That Produces A Pure Roll Every Time you Hit A Putt

----> Learn One Simple Setup Adjustment That Will Have Your Rolling Your Putts Just Like The Tour Pros

----> Read Greens Like A Pro. Also, If You Get Two Different Reads From Behind The Ball And On The Other Side Of The Hole, You'll Learn Which One Is Always Right

----> Learn How To Judge Line And Speed Correctly And Find Out Which One Is Most Important

You Will Also Learn:

----> Putting Drills That The Tour Pros Use Regularly To Get Ready For Tournaments

----> A Simple Technique To Get Your Putting Back On Track Quickly If You Are Having An Off Day

----> Mental Techniques To Improve Your Focus And Build Your Confidence So Putting Seems Easy And You Enjoy It More

----> Common Errors In Putting And How To Fix Them

----> And Much, Much More...

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