Schedule Your Next Golf Lesson with Sarah

Feel free to contact me anytime to schedule a lesson.
You can reach me at 630-781-5622 or
email me at

I typically schedule lessons Tuesday through Friday from 10am - 8pm and Saturday and Sunday from 9am - 3pm.

Lessons are available all summer at the Links and Tees outdoor driving range and all winter in the indoor dome.

Video analysis is included during the lessons on my iPad.

More Details:

Lessons with Sarah will include a complete swing analysis and discussion of whatever your specific swing problem(s) are, as well as a complete solution as to how to fix them. Drills, checkpoints, and easy explanations of swing mechanics will be addressed so every golfer can break their bad habits and play their best golf consistently.

Golfers of all levels are welcome. Best results occur from taking a lesson, practicing once or twice on your own and then taking another lesson and then practicing again. This pattern produces the best results for the long term. Golf is a game that you can enjoy the rest of your life so it is worth it to spend a little time fixing your bad habits now.

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