Golf Tips On Driving The Ball Long And Straight

These golf driver tips should help eliminate any fear of the driver and get you hitting it longer and straighter. Driving can be a struggle for many golfers. The driver can be an intimidating club, but once you know some basic tips this shot can become much easier.

Golf swing instruction with the driver is similar to the full swing with all the other clubs. There are a couple of basics that need to be adjusted the driver which will allow you to hit this club long and straight.

Golf Driver Tips

In your driver setup, you want your feet to be slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Play the golf ball all the way forward in your setup so that it is in line with your left heel. A slight tilt to the right with your spine will help you to hit the golf ball slightly more on the upswing which is necessary to produce a higher launch angle leading to more height and distance. Make sure to have good balance, rhythm, and timing and you'll be well on your way to hitting better drives.

A Wide Golf Swing Arc And Good Extension Will Produce More Power And Add Distance To Your Drives

Having a wide Golf Swing Arc will allow you to generate more clubhead speed in your swing and you will hit the ball farther. All the pros have great extension in their golf swings, starting with their takeaway all the way through to the follow through after they've hit the ball.

You can build Golf Swing Power by learning and implementing some key fundamentals the pros have in their golf swings. Having a solid fundamental golf swing will always lead to more power and distance but there are certain things you can specifically do to increase your power and add more yards to your drives.

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