Golf Swing Mechanics

When talking about swing mechanics, I am referring to the technical parts of the golf swing. It's good to have your technique and your mechanics in good shape, but it's also important to have balance so that you aren't breaking down the swing into too many detailed parts.

Whenever working with a golfer on their mechanics, I always try to incorporate the pieces that we are working on into the big picture of their golf swing.

It's okay to break it down and work on little details of the swing on the driving range during lessons or when practicing. But in order to take it to the course, it needs to be more integrated and it's best to have big picture swing thoughts. This is because the golf swing happens fast and there is only time to think about one or two things. So the bigger picture swing thoughts will help golfers to automatically get the smaller details right also without having to think about it.

Why Good Swing Mechanics Are Important For Better Golf

Good golf swing mechanics will allow you to play better golf and be more consistent. Being able to understand your swing mechanics is an important part to playing better. When I give golf lessons, one of my main goals is to get the student to be able to understand their golf swing for themselves so they don't have to rely on me forever. This is how lasting changes can be made.

Many golf instructors can get their students hitting the golf ball better during a golf lesson, but when the student goes out to practice or play without their instructor, they often feel lost. A few bad shots and they forgot what to do to correct their swing or can't figure it out for themselves. This is why it's important to explain the correct golf swing parts and fundamentals to each student. Good communication is the biggest key to successful golf lessons. I make sure my students understand the changes we are working on so they can progress when they are practicing on their own as well.

Golf Backswing Tips

Here are some helpful Golf Backswing Tips that will get your swing started out on the right path. A good backswing will generally lead to a good downswing. Some problems that occur in the downswing can be greatly reduced by improving and building a better golf backswing.

Golf Downswing Tips

Here I'll go over some important Golf Downswing Fundamentals. Getting your downswing in proper sequence will allow everything to come together properly at impact. When the body, arms, and club all work together correctly, you'll gain maximum accuracy and distance with your golf shots.

A big key to a good golf swing is to have good Golf Swing Lag. All the pros on tour have good lag in their golf swings. This is a key fundamental which will lead to more powerful and consistent golf shots.

Make sure to also get your Golf Swing Release correct and you'll be able to hit better golf shots with more solid and consistent contact. At impact you want your hands to lead coming into the golf ball slightly. This will produce a more powerful hit on the golf ball.

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